Tank Mark V: The Survivors
Authors: P Kempf and P Radley

Mark V Tanks in Lugansk, Ukraine

The tanks in the photos below can be seen in Lugansk, in Ukraine. Notice that they are composites, i.e. equipped with one MG sponson, and one Gun sponson (sometimes composite tanks are called hermaphrodite). Most, if not all, of the Mk Vs sent to Russia were of this type. These tanks are veterans of the Russian Civil War.

Surviving Mark V 1 Surviving Mark V 2 Surviving Mark V 3 Surviving Mark V 4

These tanks have recently been restored and the process was well documented, affording excellent views of all the details we like to see, including the interior. Click here to see this amazing project.

Mark V Tank in Arkhangelsk, Russia

Surviving Mark V 5

The tank in the photo above (courtesy of Wikipedia, and released into the Public Domain by the author) can be seen in Arkhangelsk, Russia. This tank was restored fairly recently, click here to see the photos of the restoration work in progress (the page is quite "busy" but the photos are well worth it).

Tank Mark V in Tank Museum, Kubinka, Moscow, Russia

Surviving Mark V 6

The composite (one male and one female sponson) tank, in the photo above, can be seen in the Tank Museum, Kubinka, in Russia. The photo is from Wikipedia, released into the public domain by the author, Galina Vladimir [Petrovich]. Two more, older, photos of the same tank can be seen in one of the Tank Museum's galleries, here.

Tank Mark V in Kharkov, Ukraine

This tank, in the photos below, can be found in the Constitution Square area of Kharkov (sometimes, "Kharkiv" in the English alphabet), Ukraine. These photos are from Wikipedia, and the authors are SVL and Victor Vizu. More photos of this tank can be seen in Wikipedia, here..

Surviving Mark V 7 Surviving Mark V 8 Surviving Mark V 9

Mark V Tank at Imperial War Museum, London

Beneath you can find a "walk-around" collection of photos of the Mk V tank that can be seen at the Imperial War Museum in London. It is a splendidly preserved vehicle, alone making a visit to the museum well worth the effort. This individual tank was by all accounts used first in France in 1918, and after the war in training duty. One sponson has (obviously) been removed and this allows the interior to be seen much more easily. The attached sponson is a fake; it is a wooden "mock-up". The reason for that is lost in the mists of time. Note also that the green colour scheme is not the original one, nor is the number beginning with the prefix "T". Other than that, Devil (if that is her real name) really is splendidly preserved. Photos are used here with the permission of Peter Kempf and Rob Langham. You must have their permission to publish these, in any type of publication.

More images of the IWM Mark V can be seen at the AMMS Brisbane website.

Mark V Tank at the Tank Museum, Bovington

The images below are provided by P Radley, Rob Langham and Dave Scorer. You must have their permission to reproduce them in any publication.