Austro-Daimler Artilleriezugwagen M.17

In 1916 the Austro-Hungarian forces were looking for a better artillery tractor in order to move their heavy 30.5 cm Skoda mortars. The chosen firm was once again Austro-Daimler after disappointments with other manufacturers. The new vehicle which had four-wheel drive and a winch was able to tow 24 tons. The four big wheels which were 1.5 m in diameter were made only of steel, because rubber had to be saved. The four cylinder motor produced 80 HP. On the tractor’s platform there was enough room for eleven 305mm shells. Other shells were transported in the big 5 ton ammunition trailer, which also ran on steel wheels. It was also used to tow other heavy guns, like the 15cm Autokanone M.15/16.

Austro-Daimler Tractor 1 Austro-Daimler Tractor 2 Austro-Daimler Tractor 3 Austro-Daimler Tractor 4

The exact number of produced vehicles is unclear and estimates vary from 138 till 1000. At least some tractors seem to have been delivered to the German ally. After the war it was use by the Austrian Army.

Austro-Daimler Tractor 5