Ordnance QF 13-pounder

The 3in (76.2mm) 13-pdr QF was developed after the Boer War, as a light gun to be used in support of cavalry. When WW1 broke out it was the standard gun of the Royal Horse Artillery. This small and light gun proved its worth while the war was in its mobile phase, but when the trench stalemate set in it was soon found wanting. The maximum range was limited (mostly by the pole trail) to some 5,300 metres, and was deemed to be too short, and the light weight shell did not have enough 'hitting power'. The 13-pdr was phased out of service in the Horse Artillery. However, there were 114 in service at the end of the war, and many others were converted into AA guns, and served in that role for the remainder of the war.

13pdr 1 13pdr 2 13pdr 3
13pdr 4 13pdr 5

The gun, in the pictures below, can be seen in the Imperial War Museum, London, England, and is a survivor indeed! The battle damage is quite authentic, dating back to fighting at Néry in France on the 1st of September 1914, an action where three Victoria Crosses were won. In this fierce fight 3 13-pounders from "L"-Battery, RHA, faced 12 German 77mm guns on high ground some 600 yards away. Two of the three British guns were almost immediately knocked out, but the third continued to fire, served by Captain Edward Bradbury and a wounded Sergeant by the name of Nelson. When Sergeant Major George Dorell joined the pair, Bradbury went off to get more ammo, but was mortally wounded by a German grenade. The remaining two continued to fire until all their ammo was gone. When British reinforcements arrived, the Germans withdrew, leaving 8 of their 12 guns behind.

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13pdr 12 13pdr 13 13pdr 14

Some original 13-pdr guns are still in service with The King’s Troop, RHA. They can be seen in operation when they are used for ceremonial duties, such as the firing of salutes.

How to model this gun

Fine Scale Factory made a 1/72 white metal kit, without a limber. The Airfix (re-released by HaT Industrie) soft plastic 'HO/OO' set, 'Royal Horse Artillery' contains two guns, a limber, and a team of 6 horses and riders, but is very poorly detailed (more like a toy than a model). Tumbling Dice and Britannia Miniatures each make 20mm white metal kits of the gun, limber and horse team and riders, both company's kits are described as 'wargaming pieces'. Hinchliffe/Skytrex made a 1/32 kit.